For more than 15 years, Tinka-Point has been a leader in the construction of Roads, Bridges, Erosion Control Structures and Highways throughout the Northern Nigerian States. These projects are often difficult to design, coordinate and build, which is why clients turn to Tinka-Point: Our emphasis on Quality, Safety and Innovation distinguishes us from our competitors and results in better projects for our clients and their users. Tinka-Point excels at complex Roads and Highway projects of harsh ecological environment, which often include complicated phasing, detailed erosion control, complex utility relocations, extensive public involvement, and a large scope to manage.


Tinka-Point has the capacity and the capability to build and deliver excellent Roads across the most difficult Terrain and Topology including; Mountains, Swamps, Valleys and Desert encroached zones. We always deliver quality and durable Civil Construction in either Asphalt road construction or Concrete road construction; for Highway roads, Rural roads or Township roads.


Our experience encompasses not only the construction of bridges, but the design, repair and replacement of them as well. We use varying materials, shapes and methods depending on the distance that needs to be crossed, the type of traffic, and any environmental elements. We build all types of bridges for pedestrian, vehicle and railroad traffic in all kinds of terrain and locations.


We employ Expert-Techniques in all our soil erosion & sediment control projects. We offer total site work packages from sediment traps through excavation to back filling, top soiling and final grading. We specialize in; Basin Remediation, Silt Fence, Soil Stabilization, Erosion Blankets, Bio Retention Basin, Wetlands Mitigation Work, Severe Site Conditions. Turbidity Barriers, etc.


We compete effectively in all of the major structural market sectors including, Oil & Gas, Power, Civil, Buildings, Airports, Infrastructure, etc. We provide fully integrated Structural Solutions including; Design, Engineering, Construction, Transportation & Erection in all Sectors, We bring to Nigeria the best of world-class Design, Engineering & Innovation at a very affordable budget.

Tinka-Point Projects

We always execute our Road Construction Projects with the full understanding of the behavior of the Road Materials used in relation to the expected loads and deterioration mechanisms at the project site. We have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products, including,; Assessment and improvement of asphalt properties; Determination of asphalt component quality and suitability (bitumen, aggregates also secondary); Development of new road products including roll pave and road materials; Assessment of damage to (overheated) asphalt; Laboratory testing of bitumen, including composition (PAH and rheology/viscosity); Calculations of the CO2 footprints of semi-heated asphalts; Determination of the maintenance condition of existing roads; Controls of road mixture designs and auditing/inspection of road product application; etc.



careful ashpahlt laying in progress!



Careful asphalt laying in progress!



Careful asphalt laying in progress!